İngilizce'de En Çok Kullanılan 100 Fiil

Bu gün sizlere Ümraniye Genç Akademi  ve Maltepe Genç Akademi  ingilizce de en çok kullanılan 100 fili anlatacağız.

İngilizce'de en çok kullanılan  100 fiil

accept : kabul etmek I accept your conditions.
allow  : müsaade etmek I allow you to go to the cinema.
ask  : sormak I ask my teacher a question.
believe : inanmak I do not (don’t) believe your words.
borrow : ödünç almak I borrow money from you every month.
break : (broke-broken) kırmak I break the window when I am not careful.
bring : (brought-brought) getirmek I bring you a newspaper everyday.
buy : (bought-bought) satın almak I buy some clothes for the summer.
Can / be able : (could) (Y.F) yapabilmek I can speak English. I am able to speak Eng.
cancel : iptal etmek I cancel our meeting on Monday.
change : değiştirmek I change my plans if there is a problem.
clean : temizlemek My mother cleans my room everyday.
close / shut : (shut) kapamak My secretary closes the door every morning.
comb : taramak My son combs his hair in front of the mirror.
complain : şikayet etmek Old people always complain about their health.
cough : öksürmek The students cough when they have cold.
count : saymak I count my money before I pay for something.
cut : (cut-cut) kesmek The waiter cuts the bread for his customer.
dance :dansetmek Young girls dance all night.
draw : (drew-drawn) çizmek / çekmek I draw money from the bank when I need it.
drink : (drank-drunk) içmek The runners drink a lot of water after the race.
drive : (drove-driven) sürmek (vasıta) My wife and I drive to Sapanca on Sundays.
eat : (ate-eaten) yemek We don’t eat red meat for dinner.
explain : açıklamak I explain everything in English.
Fall : (fell-fallen) düşmek Leaves fall from the trees in Autumn.
fill : doldurmak Please fill the glass with water.
find : (found-found) bulmak I find time to learn English everyday.
finish : bitirmek /bitmek Do you finish your work late ?
fit : (fit-fit) uydurmak I can not fit the screw in the hole.
fix : tespit etmek We must fix an appointment for Sunday.
fly : (flew-flown) uçmak Turkish Airlines fly to America every day.
forget : (forgot-forgotten) unutmak I often forget names of my clients.
give : (gave-given) vermek My father gives me money every wek.
go : (went-gone) gitmek My friend and I go to the cinema every Sunday.
have : (had-had) sahip olmak I have many friends at school.
hear : (heard-heard) duymak We can hear the music because it’s loud.
hurt : (hurt-hurt) incitmek You hurt me with these bad words.
know : (knew-known) bilmek I know that the world is small.
learn : öğrenmek We must learn all our lives.
leave : (left-left) Terketmek/ayrılm. I leave home at 8 every morning.
listen : dinlemek We must listen to wise people.
live : yaşamak We can’t live a comfortable life without money.
look : bakmak The young girl looks at the sky to see the stars.
lose : (lost-lost) kaybetmek You should not lose time and learn English.
make/do : (made- did-done) yapmak I do good things. My wife makes me coffee.
need : Ihtiyaç hissetmek I need much money to start this business.
open : açmak Please open the door when the teacher comes.
organize : düzenlemek We organize a party every summer.
pay : (paid-paid) ödemek We pay 100 dollars for our rent.
play : oynamak We play football after school.
put : (put-put) koymak I put my books on the table.
rain : yağmak(yağmur) It rains in Istanbul very frequently.
Read : (read-read) okumak We must read many books to learn.
reply : yanıt vermek I don’t reply to telephone calls after 10o’clock.
run : (ran-run) koşmak The athlete runs 100 meters in 10 seconds.
say : (said-said) söylemek Don’t say rude words to your friend please.
see : (saw-seen) görmek I can’t see any good reason for this behaviour.
sell : (sold-sold) satmak My friend sells vegetables at the market.
send : (sent-sent) göndermek We send letters to our friends in England.
sign : imzalamak The manager signs many letters everyday.
sing : (sang-sung) şarkı söylemek Italians can sing very well.
sit : (sat-sat) oturmak I sit at my desk for many hours everyday.
sleep : (slept-slept) uyumak Young children sleep for many hours.
smoke : tütün içmek People smoke many cigarettes allover the world
speak : (spoke-spoken) konuşmak We can speak many languages.
spell : hecelemek Please spell this word for me.
spend : (spent-spent) harcamak We can not spend much money. We are poor.
stand : (stood-stood) Ayakta durmak You cant stand here. This is private area.
start/begin : (began-begun) Başlamak/atmak The classes start on 28th February.
study : çalışmak (ders) Please study you lessons to pass your exams.
succeed : başarmak We must succeed in English to get a job.
swim : (swam-swum) yüzmek All the children swim in this pool.
take : (took-taken) almak Take this money and go now.
talk : konuşmak Ahmet always talks on the phone .
teach : (taught-taught) öğretmek I teach English to professionals.
tell : (told-told) Söyle/anlatmak Tell me about your life please.
think : (thought-thought) düşünmek I think Istanbul is an expensive city.
translate : tercüme etmek We must translate this text into English.
travel : seyahat etmek We travel across Europe every Summer.
try : denemek We must try this car.
turn off : Kapamak Turn off the television please.
turn on : Açmak Don’t turn on the radio because I am tired.
type : Tape etmek Can you type these letters please ?
understand : (understood) Anlamak I understand everything very easily.
use : Kullanmak We must use our time very efficiently.
wait : Beklemek I wait for the bus every morning.
wake up : (woke-woken) Uyanmak The students wake up very early every morning.
want : Istemek I want more money.
watch : Seyretmek My mother watches every program on TV
work : Çalışmak My teacher works very hard to earn more money.
worry : Endişe etmek I worry about my girlfriend.
write : (wrote-written) Yazmak The secretary writes many letters every day.


Genç Akademi
24 Ocak 2019

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